© OATS  2022


© OATS  2022



New Release: TV DINNER

The second single is out now on all major streaming platforms. It was released to the public on 15.06.2022. The song has been mixed and mastered by Niels Luteijn and is accompanied by cover art from Temporary Android. 

TV DINNER is the leftovers of a late night sermon. The coarse throat still lingers as a throbbing headache sets in. There’s a steady pace to the flicking of channels. A hollow rhythm section unfazed by the squealing images passing by. The head lies heavy, barely elevated by a chest heaving for air. To be swallowed by sofa cushions, a moment of rest although you’ll find it hard to breathe. At least after all the message is clear: you ought to eat up that news feed. 

New Release: MAGNOLIA

The Amsterdam punk act OATS have released their third single. With this new track OATS showcase their propensity to experiment and blend genres, from neo-soul to hardcore-punk, and pushing the boundaries of aggressive music by creating an explosion of tenderness and gut-churning fury that packs a punch. The song starts with a fast-paced bassline that’s swiftly accompanied by pounding drums, angular guitars and a distorted Alto Saxophone delivered by up-and-coming Jazz artist Miguel Valente (Nausyqa, YOPE). But around the 2 minute mark the band surprises us by delivering a velvety smooth Neo-Soul section, with a sax solo as the cherry on top, before unleashing the final act of the song. 

“When was the last time we heard something so chaotic in the Netherlands?”
Never Mind The Hype

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New Release: TV DINNER

OATS – The avant-garde post-hardcore punk outfit have released their second single TV DINNER, now available on all major streaming platforms. The Amsterdam-based band have taken a heavier direction with their new song, featuring dissonant guitars, steady bass, pounding drums and aggressive vocals. The track reflects another strong point of this collective, delivering a straightforward message through a tight and controlled performance that feels like a jab to the face.
Whereas their previous release REFORMAT TO RUN was a bid for its listeners to strive for change and growth despite discomfort, TV DINNER is about consuming media. To be stuck on the couch, unable to move and having to take in the show. To be so badly absorbed by fiction that we  lose track of reality. The line between the two has become blurred and we struggle to make a distinction. What initially set out to be a moment of mindless entertainment has let us to be swallowed by sofa cushions. Unable to reach for the remote we are held captive, forcefully fed by the news feed. 

Photos from Ciepło Fest

On the 9th of July 2022 OATS travelled to Poland to perform in Warsaw. The band played three concerts one of which took place at Klub Chmury. Visit the gallery to get a piece of the action and don’t forget to check out the photographers Paulina L and Filip Holka who were so kind to capture the show.

Photos from Volta II

Here you can see photos from OATS’ second live performance at Volta taken by photographer Léa Giordano

Live at Volta II

OATS is once again ready to go live! This time the band returns to Volta on May 19th 20:30. The Psychedelic rock duo Santo Blanco will take on the first act of the night at 21:00 and will be followed by OATS shortly after their set has ended. Any additional information can be found on the event page where we will keep you up to date before the show starts. 

First Release: REFORMAT TO RUN

OATS have just released their first single REFORMAT TO RUN, now available on all major streaming platforms. The new track showcases the band’s virtuosic musicianship and frantic energy which they have displayed during their live shows.

REFORMAT TO RUN displays the versatility of the band, going through multiple varied sections that oscillate between harshness and tranquillity, all the while delivering its central message clearly: to strive for change and growth despite discomfort. 
REFORMAT TO RUN deals with comfort and how it may stunt our growth. It draws inspiration from the dandelion; scattering in the wind during its final stages and escaping the boundaries of its breeding ground. The song cradles the listener with affirmative messages, to then shove them back into reality. It serves as a reminder of our frailty and how we may turn the fear of perishing into a catalyst for change. 


Photos from Volta I

Here you can see photos from OATS’ first live performance at Volta taken by photographer Maja Wahowska.


Premiere at Volta

It has been a long time coming, but now OATS is finally ready to premiere! The band’s first live performance will take place at Volta where we will play alongside riot girl post-punk band, The Earwurms. Doors will open at 20:00 where tickets will be sold until The Earwurms blast open the show at 20:30. OATS will then take on the second act of the night shortly after. 

Any additional information can be found on the event page where we will keep you up to date before the show starts.